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Essence of the Week: Carrot Seed

Carrot Seed, otherwise known as Queen Anne's Lace, is a subspecies in the parsley family. She is native to Eurasia and made it to the US by the 13th century. She has been used by different tribes of Native Americans for skin, blood disorders, and diabetes.

Carrot Seed is amazing for the skin, scarring, and regeneration of the tissues. She helps with digestive issues, is great for the gallbladder, detoxifies the liver, and supports the kidneys. This amazing immune stimulant helps the lungs, bronchitis, and coughing. She supports healthy joints and muscles, is good for cholesterol, and helps with night vision.

Energetically, Carrot Seed helps with stress, anxiety, and psychic blocks. She strengthens the inner vision, clearing confusion in order to see what we need to see. Carrot Seed awakens the Truth from the heart, allowing one to let go of the dependence of the outside world. Without a desire for validation or having the last word, Carrot Seed blocks power struggles and sources of manipulation. The Truth brings freedom and this freedom creates the platform for miracles to manifest.


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