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Essence of the Week...Extra-Fine Lavender

Extra-Fine Lavender is a beautiful high altitude, evergreen, woody, flowering shrub that is well-known in the aromatherapy world. She has been used for thousands of years and considered the most versatile plant essence used therapeutically. This Lavender is very unique and special from Provence. She has been planted, grown, harvested, distilled, and bottled by one farmer. She is very Loved and honored as part of his family.

Extra-Fine Lavender is known for her skin and hair benefits. She is the best medicine for a burn, and she can be used for pain, acne, eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, allergies, and more. Lavender is anti-viral, helps with infections in the body, and opens the lungs. She is wonderful for the heart, soothing and calming for the nervous system, and promotes a healthy digestive system. For the reproductive organs, she helps during childbirth and labor pain, and is good for infections. Lavender is a natural sedative, is great for headaches, and helps to release tension and stress.

Emotionally, Extra-Fine Lavender is an ally in helping to dissolve worry, depression, and old emotional pain. She is an advocate of rising above the lower frequencies in order to follow your greatest dreams. Bloom into high gear with this empowering flower goddess that supports manifesting a greater purpose with ease and grace.

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