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Essence of the Week: Fir Balsam

Fir Balsam is the essence of the needles from an evergreen tree that grows in North America. She has been used as medicine and wood for shelter for thousands of years by native peoples.

Fir Balsam has been scientifically proven to help with tumors and cancers. She is an immune system booster that helps the common cold, flu, fever, and chills. For pain, arthritis, rheumatism, and wound healing, Fir Balsam has proven to support the body in healing itself. She is good for the skin, is anti-parasitic, supports the urinary and digestive tracts, reproductive organs, and the Pineal Gland.

Energetically, she is an anti-depressant that helps with focus, concentration, and mental clarity. For stress, Fir Balsam supports the release of agony, agitation, and fear. She is wonderful for the nervous system and releasing energetic blocks. This powerful tree is a grounding, yet elevating guide toward peace and serenity.


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