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Essence of the Week... Frankincense

Frankincense resinous sap comes from a small deciduous tree that grows in Oman. She is said to be one of the three gifts given from the wise men to baby Jesus. This amazing resin has been used for centuries for almost every ailment because of her high frequency.

Frankincense is a natural pain reliever and is wonderful for spasms, aches, joint pain, and inflammation. She is a powerful skin aid and can be used on scars, wounds, burns, cuts, bruises, and acne. Her powerful vibration helps the being to overcome tumors and cancers that cannot live in her presence. Frankincense is great for the brain and memory problems as well as digestion and assimilation. She helps to bring healing to the lungs, the reproductive organs, and the urinary tract. Frankincense can be used for just about any form of dis-ease that the human body manifests.

Frankincense is a powerful meditation tool that is used by many to connect with the Divine. She is a ceremonial ritual guide on the journey to one's soul, and can be used to cleanse and fortify one's spiritual purpose and meaning. She is wonderful for depression, anxiety, stress, nightmares, and nervous tension. Bring Frankincense into your life to heal the physical body, mind, and emotions while connecting the heights.


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