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Essence of the Week...Galbanum

Galbanum is a wild-harvested resin from Iran that is part of the Carrot Family. She comes from the resin ducts of a perennial herb. Her name means "mother resin", as she is a nurturing anointing oil.

Galbanum is excellent medicine for wasting dis-ease. She helps to reduce inflammation, repair the nerves, open the breathing passageways, and help with pain. Galbanum is wonderful for the sexual organs, helps to promote the moon cycle, and is good for menopause and PMS. For the skin, Galbanum is great for scars, wrinkles, boils, cuts, and even abscesses. She helps one to focus by clearing the mind of congestion.

Energetically, Galbanum is very calming and soothing. She helps to harmonize one's mood and develop a meditative mind. By letting go of rigidity, Galbanum promotes a higher vision and the strength and courage to manifest it. Anoint with Galbanum to create the life you have always dreamed of living. The resin teaches us that it is time to let go of the past in order to fully embrace the gifts of the moment.


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