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Essence of the Week...German Chamomile

German Chamomile is an annual herb with daisy-like flowers and white petals. German Chamomile is the only dark blue Chamomile essence due to azulene that produces during the distillation process.

German Chamomile is an anti-fungal white blood cell stimulant that helps to calm, soothe, and harmonize the entire being. She is a natural pain reliever that helps with arthritis, neuralgia, strains, and sprains. She is great for digestion, and helps to regulate and regenerate the liver. For the skin, German Chamomile is helpful for acne, eczema, cuts, and rosacea. She helps ulcers, both inside and outside of the body. German Chamomile has hormone-balancing properties, helps PMS, menopause, bladder infections, and UTI's. She is wonderful for migraines and regular headaches, and she quiets the mind and heart so that insomnia doesn't take over.

Energetically, German Chamomile helps one to release stress, tension, anger, and agitation. She neutralizes the emotional body when the nervous system is feeling weakened. Instead of lashing out of frustration and edginess, this amazing plant teacher helps to awaken one's consciousness to release what is no longer serving the highest and greatest good.


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