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Essence of the Week: Greek Sage

Greek Sage is a shrub from the Mediterranean that is the most widely used in the culinary arts out of all of the Sages. She has been used for medicine, in ritual, and in food by peoples all over the world, and in many different cultures and traditions.

Greek Sage is anti-inflammatory and good for muscle spasms and arthritic conditions like rheumatism. She is great for ear-nose-throat and respiratory imbalances like congestion and mucus. All Sage plants are go-to's for reproductive health and symptoms of moon cycle disharmony, fertility problems, and impotence. Greek Sage is also anti-fungal and used for skin problems like athlete's foot, foot fungus, burns, scars, and oily skin. She is also known for digestion and for her brain boosting strengths. Greek Sage is helpful for mental clarity, memory, and Alzheimer's and Dementia symptoms.

Energetically, Greek Sage is an anti-depressant. She helps to bring harmony to anger, anxiety, and and tension. As a supporter of moving forward and creating the reality that you desire, Greek Sage helps move the winds in order to create positive change. Lighten up and let go of negativity, darkness, and any blockages with this queen of wisdom.

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