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Essence of the Week...Green Mandarin

Green Mandarin is a fruit that grows on a small evergreen tree in tropical areas. She has been used for hundreds of years by herbalists and doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine for awakening stagnant chi. During the Chinese New Year, she is given as a gift and symbol of abundance and good fortune for the year ahead.

Green Mandarin is wonderful for the skin as a toner and healer of scars, stretch marks, ringworm, and inflammation. She helps to open the lungs when it is difficult to breathe, and harmonize the gut when feeling nauseous or experiencing gastric difficulties. Green Mandarin is a natural laxative, helps with bloating, and can stop the hiccups. For pain and tension, Green Mandarin can be used as a muscle relaxer and inflammation reducer. She helps to get rid of excess water in the body and supports the reproductive organs in finding balance. Green Mandarin can be used to calm the nervous system, restlessness, and insomnia.

For the inner child and the new age child, Green Mandarin helps bring out the true essence of the spirit when there has been withdrawal or disconnection. She also helps everyone connect to their inner child. When there is a new routine and there are feelings of being lost, confused, or disoriented, she helps to bring confidence and courage to make it through challenging times by strengthening one's energy body. Turn to Green Mandarin to help bring in good luck, abundance, and a new beginning that is centered around the Love in the heart.


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