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Essence of the Week... Laurel Leaf

Laurel Leaf is an evergreen tree that grows throughout the Mediterranean. She is historically known for her culinary gifts as Bay Leaf, as well as a crown that was anointed to the heads of the Greeks and Romans to represent courage and reward for victory.

Laurel Leaf is anti-viral and strengthening for the immune system, colds, flu, fever, swollen glands, and ear infections. Bringing clarity, letting go of stress, and sharpening the senses, this amazing plant promotes strength to overcome adversity. She is a liver, kidney and reproductive tonic, and helps to regulate the moon cycle and speed up child birth. For digestion, Laurel Leaf is a stimulant, and helps with gas, stomach pain, colitis, and intestinal infections. As a respiratory regenerator, Laurel Leaf is helpful for pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, and sinus infections. Laurel Leaf is a lymphatic regulator, helps to balance blood pressure, and addresses Hodgkin's dis-ease (lymphatic cancer). She is great for rheumatism, arthritis, neuritis, sprains, strains, spasms, and general aches and pains in the body. Laurel Leaf is also a hair and skin healer and good for acne, boils, lice, scars, gangrene, dandruff, and gland inflammation.

For the mental and emotional imbalances that manifest, Laurel Leaf addresses fears and ignites the courage to move past them. She addresses depression, anxiety, psychic pathologies, and states of psychosis. Laurel Leaf promotes healthy ego, healthy pride, and healthy self-esteem. She helps to remind us that we are more than good enough, and yet we are always learning, growing, and changing. When you are needing more grace in the journey of self-Love, Laurel Leaf is a wonderful healing friend and guide.


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