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Essence of the Week: Mace

Mace is the husk that covers the Nutmeg seed. These husks are steam distilled and the oil is extracted for her medicine and culinary offerings. This Organic Mace essence is from France. Historically, Mace was burned by Roman priests for incense and was considered a very expensive and popular spice during the Medieval times. Mace is used in Traditional Medicine for nervous system and digestive disturbances.

Mace is a stimulant for both the brain and the heart. She is wonderful for digestion as a stomach aid, and helps with colitis, gas, and nausea. She helps to calm down and soothe a distressed heart. Mace is also great for the teeth, toothaches, and gingivitis. As a natural chi warmer, Mace is helpful for removing pain. She warms the joints and can be used for arthritis and rheumatism. In labor and delivery, she is a powerful medicine to help the body surrender into the flow and rhythm of each contraction. Mace is a kidney stimulant and can be used for wasting disease. She helps to promote one's moon cycle, and is a natural nervous system sedative.

Energetically, Mace helps to remove anxiety, stress, and depression. She is a natural sedative and is helpful for meditation. When you need to shift down a few gears and calm down into a peaceful state, Mace is a wonderful ally and both strong and gentle in moving one's energy into deep relaxation.

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