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Essence of the Week: Mediterranean Cypress

Mediterranean Cypress is an evergreen tree native to southern Europe and western Asia, and originating in Persia. She is known to be forest protector, soil conservator, and powerful tree energy where it is too hot for other trees to grow.

Mediterranean Cypress is a lung enhancer, helping to heal bronchitis, asthma, a sore throat, cough, cold, flu, and laryngitis. She is a body cleanser, strengthener of the nervous system, and aid to the liver and pancreas. Mediterranean Cypress is great for diabetes, as well as digestive issues like colitis, bleeding gums, toothaches, and hemorrhoids. She is great for circulation, varicose veins, hormone balancing and menopause. As a natural pain reliever and inflammation aid, she helps with pain, PMS, arthritic conditions, and muscle cramps. Mediterranean Cypress brings clarity, alertness, and harmony to the brain and mind. She also helps with skin conditions like wounds, ulcers, bruises, sores, skin eruptions, insect bites, and acne.

Energetically, Mediterranean Cypress is a natural protector. She helps to guide one out of adversity and into peace of mind. Mediterranean Cypress helps one to overcome adversity at home, work, or any social situations where we are challenged emotionally. She helps one to shift their perspectives, let go of the idea of "I cant" and release all negativity. Turn to this amazing plant teacher to remove all energetic obstacles and add a sentient protector to your energetic field right when you need her. This ally will get you past adversity and back into joy!


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