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Essence of the Week: Myrrh

Myrrh is an oleoresin collected and distilled from the dried sap of this amazing tree. She was one of the three gifts from the wise men to baby Jesus, and she has been used in churches, temples, ceremonies, and rituals for thousands of years.

Myrrh is a powerful immune system booster and anti-viral medicine for various dis-eases, including wasting dis-ease. She is wonderful for the teeth, gums, and gingivitis, as well as for digestion, gas, and diarrhea. For the skin, Myrrh is amazing anti-fungal medicine and can help with athlete's foot, worms, or thrush. She is a wonderful pain reliever, and can help with arthritis and stress.

Energetically, Myrrh is a great meditative guide. She balances the higher and lower energies, and brings out our intuitive, imaginative, and hidden emotional aspects. Myrrh is a great ally in finding one's highest destiny, and she helps to stop time in order to see the bigger picture. Whether it is for a baby's first bath or to cleanse and renew the body daily, Myrrh is a Divine anointing resin to help bring out our healthiest and most peaceful state of being.

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