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Essence of the Week: Opoponax

Opoponax is a resin from a tree in Somalia that is steam-distilled and considered the "all healing vegetable juice". She grows in very dry conditions and is extremely resilient.

Opoponax is anti-parasitic, anti-infection, and anti-septic. She is a powerful respiratory aid and helpful for asthma, bronchitis, mucus, and a cough. For digestion, she is good for gas, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and works to support balance in the intestines. Opoponax is also wonderful for the skin, eczema, wrinkles, boils, skin ulcers, chapped skin, and flesh wounds. She is great for inflammation and is very calming.

Energetically, Opoponax is an anointing resin to commune with one's higher self. When seeking the destiny of one's life path, Opoponax helps to awaken the self-accountability and awareness faculties from the blame and shame illusion. She helps one in making big life choices, changes, and transformations on the journey of life. In order to move away from an ego that desires without consciousness, commune with Opoponax to help merge with one's spirit and flow with the Divine plan for the highest good of all life.


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