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Essence of the Week: Palo Santo

Palo Santo is an aromatic tree that grows wild in Mexico and down the coast of South America. The essence is extracted from the dead heartwood of the tree after it has fallen in the forest and lay on the ground for 3-10 years. This is the time when the spirit of the tree moves into the heartwood and gets ready to become medicine.

Palo Santo is anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-infection. She is wonderful for the lungs, muscle pain, inflammation, and circulation. Palo Santo helps to get rid of bugs and is great for allergies and headaches. She is a natural detoxifier and air purifier.

Energetically, Palo Santo helps to release negative energy, thoughts, and emotions. She is a mood uplifter, helps with anxiety, and clears emotional trauma. Palo Santo is said to bring good luck, tranquility, and creativity. When needing grounding, centering, and peace, turn to Palo Santo as a powerful tree healer and ceremonial leader.


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