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Essence of the Week: Plai

Plai Root Essence From Indonesia

Plai is a powerful rhizome/root essence from Indonesia. In her homeland of Indonesia, she is used for liver harmony and in treating Hepatitis and Jaundice. She has been used for digestion, pain, and uterine health for many years.

Plai is amazing for inflammation, pain, cramps, sprains, strains, and rheumatism. She is a natural laxative and can help with nausea, stomach pain, gas, and diverticulitis. Plai is also a bronchio-dilator and respiratory aid, helping with asthma and any other lung dis-harmonies.

Plai has an energetic gift of warming the chi, helping to move energy, and release stagnation. She is wonderful for shifting a cold and bitter heart int0 a more peaceful and balanced space open to Love and forgiveness. When we dream, we have to understand that we have an inner desire to manifest that dream. Plai brings the awareness to the greatest and highest destiny. Keep being YOU, and the rest will fall into place. The greatest gift we have is in being ourselves. Rise above the sludge, awaken the heart Light, and find the spirit within. The movement toward our dreams can be very beneficial when manifesting our good.


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