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Essence of the Week... Rosewood Leaf

Rosewood Leaf comes from the leaves of a hardy deciduous Rosewood Tree in India. She is not only a powerful medicine, but is used as food for animals and wood for building.

Rosewood Leaf is amazing for the heart and balancing blood pressure. She helps to clean the blood, clear the urinary bladder, and strengthen the bones. Rosewood Leaf heals parasites in the gut, addresses stomach pain, and helps to balance blood sugar. She is good for skin imbalances and muscular pain. This powerful leaf essence is a natural anti-aging medicine that promotes fertility and helps to heal impotence.

Energetically, Rosewood Leaf helps to heal the heart, forgive, let go of the past, and trust the natural process of life. She reminds one to never give one's power away by living in the past with guilt or shame, but to move forward in life with a peaceful heart.

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