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Essence of the Week: Sugandha Kokila

Sugandha Kokila is the fruit from an evergreen tree native to Nepal. After the flesh is washed off of the seed, they are allowed to dry naturally under the Sun until they are ready to be steam-distilled. Her nickname is "White Cinnamon", and she is used as medicine, in cooking, and in flavoring tobacco.

Sugandha Kokila is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and immune boosting. She is a natural antibiotic that is used for wasting dis-ease. As a "White Cinnamon", she is also great for the heart, circulation, and blood vessel strength. Sugandha Kokila helps with pain, spasms, sprains, and arthritic conditions. This powerful medicine is also great for the lungs, congestion, and excess mucus. She helps urinary infections, swelling, and helping to improve one's appetite. Sugandha Kokila is good for the nervous system, tension, and headaches.

Energetically, this amazing fruit helps to strengthen the aura and clear energy blocks in the chakras. She helps to ease stress, anxiety, and anger, clearing the heart and initiating transformation. For harmony, balance, and purification, Sughandha Kokila is a Love amplifier and positive energy builder that serves to expand one's energy toward Truth.


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