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Essence of the Week Talk: Mace

Mace is the husk of the Nutmeg Seed that grows from an evergreen tree in France. She is one of 100 species in this genus, and is used in traditional medicine for illnesses related to the nervous system and digestion.

Mace is a digestive stimulant that helps with stomach pain, gas, colitis, and toothaches. She is wonderful for the nervous system and stress, as well as stimulating to the heart. For rheumatism and arthritis, Mace supports as a natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory medicine. She is good for kidney disharmonies and wasting disease, while promoting menstruation.

Energetically, Mace is a natural chi-warmer, stress-reducer, and heart and mind calmer. When we need to have a strong outer shell of protection and safety, Mace is a great ally and supporter. She helps to restore harmony and balance, centering and clearing the energy bodies.


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