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Essence of the Week: Tea Tree...

Tea Tree is a small tree with a bushy crown and papery bark. Aboriginal Australians have used her for centuries for skin issues, fungal infections, and herpes virus.

Tea Tree is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. She helps most all skin issues, including radiation, gangrene, and hemorrhoids. As simple and gentle as she is, she helps with circulation, pain, boosting the immune system, healing the lungs, and harmonizing the gut. Tea Tree is also a 'go to' for vaginal infections, hormone balancing, and thyroid harmony.

Energetically, Tea Tree opens the throat chakra, heals the voice, and supports one in speaking out and releasing the Truth. She is a strong supporter of recovering from trauma, abuse, and depression. When we need to find joy in being human again after hardships, Tea Tree brings harmony, renewal, and creativity.


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