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Essence of the Week: True Sage...

True Sage, the 'herb of immortality', is an aromatic, woody perennial shrub used in cooking and medicine. She was considered a "holly herb", and used by natives and ancient peoples for thousands of years.

True Sage is anti-fungal, anti-viral, and a powerful immune booster. She supports a healthy reproductive system and the transitions we experience in menopause and when stopping breast feeding. For pain, True Sage is wonderful in treating spasms, arthritis, sciatica, and more. She purifies the blood, balances water in the body, and is good for cholesterol. The lungs react positively to this plant healer, and she is used for asthma, a cough, and a sore throat. She is great for digestion and helps harmonize the gallbladder and the pancreas from diabetes.

Energetically, True Sage is anti-depressive, helping with grief, loss, and emotional negativity. She purifies the heart, releases stress, and helps to clear obstacles. True Sage speaks to manifesting dreams, and not allowing rigid thoughts or mental blocks to get in the way. When you are ready to listen to the inner wisdom of the Sage in the heart, True Sage is the perfect spirit guide.


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