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Essence of the Week: White Cedar...

White Cedar is a wild-harvested coniferous tree that sheds its twigs and leaves for medicine. In order to be used as an essential oil, it is said that the tree must be at least 15 years old. Therefore, her wisdom, strength, and endurance transfers over to those who commune with her. She has been used by natives as a smudging essence of protection, as well as a medicine to treat moon cycle disharmonies, rheumatic arthritis, and headaches. She is part of a greater class of trees known as the "Tree of Life".

White Cedar is anti-viral, anti-parasitic, and astringent. She is good for skin conditions like psoriasis, alopecia, warts, oily skin, acne, cold sores, tumors, and polyps - among many others. White Cedar is great for the lungs and bronchitis. She also addresses muscle tone, pain, arthritis, and rheumatism. For digestion, White Cedar is wonderful for getting rid of intestinal parasites. She helps with impotence, and she can support the moon cycle in harmonious flow.

Emotionally speaking, White Cedar addresses trauma and supports conscious thinking. When one has suffered abuse, she brings clarity. If there is sadness or pessimism, White Cedar helps to clear the mind and bring peace and content. She is great for healthy boundaries and helps to heal the energy field. Invoke your angels and guides and anoint White Cedar for higher guidance and eternal Love. She is an uplifting and healing friend that expels darkness and promotes a safe and sacred space.

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