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Essence of the Week: White Fir

White Fir is a cone-bearing tree from the Pine Family that grows to be over 1600 feet tall. This amazing needle essence has been used by natives for sinus', arthritic conditions, pain, respiratory imbalances, and as a sedative.

White Fir is a wonderful tree essence that boosts the immune system. She can be used for virus', colds, sinus infections, congestion, and bronchial issues. White Fir is known as a pain reliever and supporter of both rheumatism and arthritis. In water, she can be ingested to help urinary infections and bladder infections.

Energetically, White Fir is both grounding and elevating. She is the great balancer of the Yin and Yang, or any extremes in our lives. White Fir teaches to Love the self and go for what we really want out of life. She is a "white" energy, which means elevating, higher consciousness, meditative, crown chakra awakening in order to gain a greater prospective on life. Reach your highest goals and greatest dreams with the support of White Fir.

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