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Essence of the Week: Wintergreen

Wintergreen is an evergreen, aromatic plant with similar chemistry as Sweet Birch. She is used as a medicine and in cooking. Wintergreen likes living in a temperate zone.

Wintergreen is a wonderful pain-reliever. We use her in massage and on tight, sore, painful muscles, and she works her magic. Wintergreen is good for sprains, spasms, and nerve pain - like sciatica - due to her "Icy-Hot" qualities. She helps with headaches, arthritis, and rheumatism. Wintergreen is also wonderful for the skin and is great for eczema, acne, infections, wounds, and septic conditions. She is good for edema and water retention, while helping to drain the lymphatic fluid. Wintergreen promotes milk in new mothers, and she helps to regulate blood pressure. This amazing plant is great for the lungs, the nervous system, and the immune system.

Energetically, Wintergreen helps one to heal a broken heart and Love again. She is a "big picture" plant healer that brings deeper wisdom to extract from the painful experiences we have had. When in need of heart healing, this Loving plant energy is here to soften and support. Anoint Wintergreen to ease pain on the physical, mental, and emotional levels, and watch her do her magic.

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