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Essence Protocol of the Week: Heart Calling...

This entire month of January, we will focus on heart health and essence protocols that we have used that have made a difference in our lives and the lives of others. This week, our protocol focuses on the energetic heart, and addresses personal boundaries and calling in the souls support for our greatest and highest destiny.

Vetiver is an amazing root essence that grounds, protects, and is used to help keep healthy boundaries. Blue Yarrow calls in self-Love, supports speaking up and in Truth in order to heal trauma, and calls in our soul connections to help on the journey of the heart. Rhododendron is calming, helps us move our energies forward, and energetically calls in our soul family for Loving support in our lives. Since the aura springs out from the heart, anoint 5-10 drops of Vetiver over the heart chakra. Five to ten Blue Yarrow drops can be anointed on the throat chakra, and the same amount of Rhododendron can be applied to the solar plexus to align with our willpower. This trinity is a powerful mystic formula for invoking the highest creative manifestations with the best support and highest vibratory frequency.


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