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Essence Protocol of the Week: The Immune System and Rheumatoid Arthritis...

It is the month of October, and we are focusing on the Immune System. This system of the body functions as the body's defense against dis-ease. It attacks germs in order to keep the body healthy by recognizing the antigens (foreign substances) in order to get rid of them. This week we are looking at Rheumatoid Arthritis and how the plants can support the self-healing process. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune arthritis that causes pain and swelling in the wrists and small joints of the hands and feet. On an energetic level, Rheumatoid Arthritis manifests when we feel that we have been treated unfairly or are being taken advantage of. The top three essences we recommend for Rheumatoid Arthritis are True Eucalyptus, Cornmint, and True Basil.

True Eucalyptus has been used by indigenous Australians for many years for pain and stagnation in the body. She helps with arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain, sprains, injuries, and neuralgia. True Eucalyptus is an amazing energy mover that helps move stagnation. On an emotional level, True Eucalyptus helps us to feel supported and cared for, is grounding, and helps us take in life with ease and grace.

Cornmint is a Japanese Mint that has a very high content of Menthol, which makes her the "coldest" essences of all of the mint family. She is amazing for creating better circulation, blood flow, and healing energy for areas of stagnation in the body. Energetically, Cornmint helps to let go of negative perceptions, empowers the positive ego, and calms the racing mind. She is a wonderful healer and tool for self-Love.

True Basil is a sun-Loving annual herb that is utilized for her healing powers. Her Latin name means "Herb of Kings" for a reason. This amazing plant helps with almost all ailments, but she is especially amazing for rheumatism. True Basil holds the heat that helps to bring circulation and the stimulation needed to move energy where there are blocks. Energetically, True Basil wards away low frequencies, warms emotional coldness, supports forgiveness, and helps to shed Light on new perspectives that helps to shift old patterns and surrender to the highest self.

Together, these three essences work wonderfully to help the body heal rheumatism, and the mind and heart to come back into harmony in order for it to go away for good. It is best to use essences for one month for every year you have had the symptoms that are being treated. In general, for the average adult weight and height, five to ten drops "neat" on the skin is enough to start anointing each essence 2-3 times a day. Always do a test patch on the inner arm to make sure that the essences are not too powerful to anoint "neat" on your skin. If they bring up a healing response, then use the bottoms of the feet to anoint, and meditate on what is coming up and out emotionally for healing. Anoint onto the skin by layering cooler essences first and hotter essences last. Wait to apply nut oils in order to allow the essences to absorb first. Pour the plant medicine directly over the the areas of concern. These plants work well together, and can help the healing process greatly. Since True Basil can be hot for some skin types, it is best to layer the other two essences onto the skin first. All essences are safe to ingest in small amounts (3-5 drops in an ounce of water is a good start). Use your intuition to guide the way, and remember that less is always more in most cases, and the body knows what's best - so always listen to it.


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