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Essence Protocol of the Week: The Reproductive System and Breast Health...

It's June, and the reproductive system is highlighted all month long. This week, we are looking at plants that help with breast health. Our favorite three essences that support healing the breasts are Laurel Leaf, Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang.

The breasts of adult women are milk-producing glands supported by the chest wall and the sternum by ligaments. In both men and women, the breasts rest on the pectoralis major, which is the main chest muscle. Healthy breast tissues are free from cysts, fibroids, tenderness, lumps, necrosis, tumors, and cancer. Women and men can do regular self-exams to make sure their breasts are staying healthy. It is good to contact a physician when noticing any big changes in breast tissue.

Laurel Leaf (Bay Leaf) is a leaf essence that has been proven to be effective in breast cancer therapy. There was a study done using Laurel Leaves that showed this plant inducing cell death in breast cancer cell lines. She has also proven to help keep the lymphatic system around the breasts healthy.

Ylang Ylang is a flower essence that has phyto-hormones that are similar to human hormones. These hormones promote breast firmness and growth. This has been extremely effective for those who have had children and lost elasticity in their breast tissue. Some breasts tend to lose elasticity after breastfeeding their young over time, and Ylang Ylang has been proven to help.

Rose Geranium has natural estrogen to help with breast health and growth. She is wonderful help for new mothers experiencing cracked, painful nipples during breastfeeding. There has also been a study done with Rose Geranium and menopause/perimenopause finding that the essential oil helped to stimulate the secretion of salivary estrogen. This helped reduce the symptoms normally accompanying that time in a women's health, which can include breast discomfort. In pregnancy and postpartum, she can be effective for breast tenderness, engorgement, sore, chapped, or torn nipples.

All three of these amazing plants are supportive for both men and woman's breast health. It is best to use essences for one month for every year you have had the symptoms that are being treated. In general, for the average adult weight and height, five to ten drops "neat" on the skin is enough to start anointing each essence 2-3 times a day. Always do a test patch on the inner arm to make sure that the essences are not too powerful to anoint "neat" on your skin. If they bring up a healing response, then use the bottoms of the feet to anoint, and meditate on what is coming up and out emotionally for healing. All three essences are safe to anoint directly onto the breasts. It is best to avoid the nipple, and to massage in circles and upward motions. These plants work well together, and can help to restore harmony and balance. All essences are safe to ingest in small amounts. Use intuition to guide the way, and remember that less is always more.


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