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Essence Protocol of the Week: The Reproductive System and Sexual Desire/Aphrodisiacs...

It's June, and the reproductive system is highlighted all month long. This week, we are looking at plants that help to get our "juices flowing" in sexual desire. Our favorite three aphrodisiacs are Galbanum, Palo Santo, and Green Cardamom Seed.

Sexual desire comes when we have good health and harmony. As we age, our hormone levels change, some health problems may manifest, and various medications can result in sexual dysfunction. Fatigue, depression, stress, anxiety, and lack of rest can all attribute to sexual debility as well. Eating better, resting more, healing emotions, living your truth, getting exercise, and connecting with nature can all help to shift sexual energetic blocks.

Galbanum has been used by ancient civilizations to help relax the nervous system, release emotional rigidity, and balance the psyche. She is known to bring Light into the sacrum, where the womb and sexual energy lives. Because sex is both mental and emotional, Galbanum is the perfect aid to open the flow of creativity. She is wonderful in balancing the higher glands and opening the deeper, more spiritual aspects of the being. This essence is known to support both women and men with hormone imbalances and reproductive needs. The energetics of this amazing plant are found in calming, supporting focus, and helping one to be in more of a meditative mind in order to move through all mental and emotional blocks. This, in turn, will bring in more creative sexual energy for expression.

Palo Santo opens the lungs, strengthens the immune system, and enhances sexuality. She is extremely relaxing, helps to release sex hormones more easily, and in turn, will help to increase sexual desire. In Columbian folk medicine, Palo Santo is known to be a natural aphrodisiac. She is a ritual essence that rids the being of darkness, pests, and lower frequencies. Palo Santo opens the lungs, brings in more prana, and energizes the entire being. On the spiritual and emotional levels, she is grounding, protecting, and emotionally stabilizing. Palo Santo helps to calm the mind, and bring out the creative, sexual desires while enhancing libido.

Green Cardamom Seed has been studied by researchers to help heal erectile dysfunction. She supports the balance of male hormones, controls blood pressure, and supports a functional vascular system. There is a boost in antioxidants, and her fragrance can help to enhance sexual desire. For men, she has been known to help put one in "the mood" and allow the physical body to "last longer" sexually. This is why we always suggest Green Cardamom Seed essence to help with sexual debility. Energetically, she uplifts one's mood, helps with emotional trauma, and brings harmony to the energy bodies in order to heal and recover. When we feel safe, secure, and supported, we are more likely to open sexually. Green Cardamom Seed is the goddess that supports a more relaxed and open being.

Together, these three plants are amazing allies in our sexual lives. It is best to use essences for one month for every year you have had the symptoms that are being treated. In general, for the average adult weight and height, five to ten drops "neat" on the skin is enough to start anointing each essence 2-3 times a day. Always do a test patch on the inner arm to make sure that the essences are not too powerful to anoint "neat" on your skin. If they bring up a healing response, then use the bottoms of the feet to anoint, and meditate on what is coming up and out emotionally for healing. All three essences are safe to anoint directly onto the lower abdomen and lower back. These plants work well together, and can help to restore harmony and balance. All essences are safe to ingest in small amounts (3-5 drops in an ounce of water). Use your intuition to guide the way, and remember that less is always more.

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