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Finding Strength In Justice

This week is the 38th week of the year, which adds up to be an 11. In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, this represents Justice. Meditating on Justice over the years, the insights we have received have been profoundly redirected to our own personal accountability of the reality we are creating. Justice comes from taking time to be accountable for every thought, feeling, word, attitude, and action we generate, while making shifts and changes in areas that are out of harmony with Love, Wisdom, and Truth. Justice is having the consciousness to see all sides of a story before responding in one way or another. Justice is being completely honest with the self in how we judge ourselves and others on all levels. As we keep ourselves in check and work on the areas that need more attention and Love, we are able to make changes that affect the whole. Justice comes from all beings consciously taking responsibility for the energy they generate in all ways. When we bring Loving awareness to all of these powerful areas of our reality, we can create a ripple effect of positive change for those who we surround ourselves with as well. We learn and grow together, and being accountable for who we are allows others to grow with us. We don't have to stay in the old cycles of judgement that not only hurt us, but hurt those whom we are judging. By embodying a Loving and expansive version of ourselves, we inspire others to do the same.

How we feel directly effects our reality and how we relate to the world around us. When we feel down, we sometimes take others down with us because, as they say, "misery Loves company". It is important to see the bigger picture of why things need to manifest in the ways that they do. The bigger picture outlines the Truths that are sometimes painful to see, but this reality helps us to alleviate blame, shame, and guilt. We only change when our lives present something uncomfortable that requires change in order to move forward. By focusing on the Truth, we can embrace the changes that lead us toward our highest and greatest self.

Seek Justice, but not by pointing fingers outside of the self or by focusing on the faults of others. Create Justice in your reality by being a person that lives in a way that makes you proud to be who you are. This is not about accomplishments, but about the vibration that you create with your thoughts, feelings and attitudes, and the frequencies that your words and actions manifest. Be the Justice you desire to fight for, and create a mold for others to follow.

Have faith in yourself and Love yourself on all levels. We are incarnated here to work on ourselves, and no one is expected to be perfect while staying here on Earth. See the best in yourself and keep the vision of your greatness in your heart at all times. Set high goals and reach for the Infinite. By being the best we can be, we will all reflect the vision of the reality we have always dreamed of living. Allow the sacredness of this existence to bring out the patient, kind, gentle, caring, and Loving being that is in the heart. Every moment is an opportunity to create more Love.

We are excited to share live music and an opening ceremony at the Illuminate Festival this weekend. Join us for a powerful weekend of yoga, music, and community that unites us back together as One. We need each other to reflect our greatest potential as beings, and when we vibrate to a higher frequency together, we rise to greater heights than we could have ever imagined. This is our year to break through any limitations!


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