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Hunter's Full Moon of Transformation...

It is a Neptune week of self-mastery and self-discovery with the support of a Hunter's Full Moon of very powerful energies coming to completion. The vibrations are Earth-moving, and can be extra intense this week because of a Mars influence that has lit up in this lunar shift. Mercury Retrograde propelled us forward and through a tunnel of transformation, and now Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn have all turned direct and new beginnings are on their way.

Full Moons bring a culmination of a cycle, endings, death, and transformation. This Full Moon is called the Hunter's Full Moon and energetically activates a search for answers, focus and determination, and a death or sacrifice in order to gain so much more. Sometimes a Full Moon in Aries (ruled by Mars) can bring shock or unexpected information that causes a complete shift to manifest. In a Neptune week, this information goes into the subconscious deeply, and the reflection and insight gained is extremely powerful and can be used to create complete alchemy from one reality into a new one. This time of year is also known to be a more transparent time in terms of the veil between the seen and unseen worlds. This is a time when people around the world celebrate the dead, death, and dying, perform ceremonies or rituals to connect with the other side, or visit the resting place of their deceased Loved ones. In saying this, it is also a great time to invoke angelic support to help strengthen you while you go through these deep and transformative shifts and changes. Remember to ask your Guardian Angel and the Luminous Beings to help guide you toward your highest destiny.

What is "right" for you is not the opinion of others. Only you can determine what is the best thing for your life. We have a tendency to lean on friends and family when we go through challenging times. This is wonderful support and it feels very nurturing. However, when it comes to the very important choices of our lives, it is the Self that has to live with those choices, and only you know what is "right" for you. There are so many directives in society, on social media, and passed on from religion, family, or various structures of beliefs that have been on the Earth for a long time. There is a little bit of Truth in everything we hear, so we connect with that Truth and lean on it. Even our personal choices have been influenced to become what they are from the world around us.

Whatever is culminating in your life, this Full Moon brings opportunity. At a crossroads, we get to decide to end a cycle or keep it spinning. Just like our favorite record playing on the record player, if the song gets our heart beating to the rhythm of joy, we play it over and over again. When we have had enough, we make it stop. As precious as this lifetime is to us, we are making choices on how to spend each and every sacred breath. Choose what makes you healthy, happy, open, expanding, and rising higher and higher. Let go of what is bringing you down or feels heavy. You are worth the energy that it will take to let go, forgive, and heal from any destructive cycle. It is never too late to start over again. When we have more Love for ourselves than expectations, then we follow our "good" right into the arms of Cosmic Infinity. There are no restrictions or limitations. There is NOTHING that we cannot accomplish when our hearts have the passion to drive us forward with the power of Love. With Love, all things are possible. So, Love yourself, Love your life, and infuse Love into everything you do, and life will feel like the natural flow of miracle after miracle unfolding and blessing you eternally.

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