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Inspirational Story of the Week:

Chinese City Builds 'Food Court' for Elephants to Satisfy Future Migrating Herds

Reprinted from Good News Network website...

In order to cut back on the conflicts between humans and elephants, Chinese wildlife authorities have constructed a massive “food court” along established elephant migratory routes.

Stocked with five salty ponds, and many different kinds of plants that can satisfy their dietary needs, the elephant food court of Jinghong Nature Reserve spans 670,000 square meters, the same size as Porche’s Stuttgart car assembly plant, or around 62 European football fields.

Elephants roam vast distances every year, whether they live in China, India, or Africa. They have no concept of land ownership or borders, and can often bring economic ruin to any unlucky farmer whose fields are close at hand when an elephant determines it’s time for lunch.