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It's Never Too Late To Begin Again...

The 37th week of the year brings an energy and frequency that promotes planting new seeds. It is the energy of the Sun, and the circulation of cycles and rhythms in our lives. Louder and louder, the voices of the Universe have been calling out for us to listen. Every time we cycle around the wheel of life lessons we have chosen, we get to check in again. How many times do we need to spin around before settling into self-Love and Truth?

We are magical beings when we allow ourselves to be. We may have had serious trauma in our lives, but we can still rise above the past to create a future of our dreams. There is a limited belief system on the planet that some have bought into for many years, but we also have access to a Divine Mind that is far more creative and expansive than our physical brain can comprehend. Ask anyone about who they were and what they believed before the pandemic. Each of us shifts consciously to a deeper understanding of the reality we thought we knew when we have experienced Truth. The same thing happens with Love and Wisdom. These three aspects of the Divine awaken what we call the "Divine Mind" within. This is the part of ourselves that is beyond the very limited physical reality, and able to see a higher perspective and view of a very physical experience. We can choose to leave the reality of confusion and disharmony by spending more time inside of the self vs outside. Listening, breathing, and BEing in awareness is the simplicity of that cosmic connection. How often do we stop and pay attention to our thoughts? How often do we really listen to how we feel inside and break out of the "schedule" we have created in this atmosphere of automatic living? It takes the conscious effort of desire to awaken this inner Truth from the heart and live it out in a world that doesn't always celebrate the awakened being. There is an inner magician that is hungry for this new reality to birth. It is the dim light that desires to stay in the loop of karmic cycles without growing and evolving out of them.

How does sickness, poverty, and separation manifest? It all comes from the polarities we create within us and within our daily lives. We start living in a way that separates our mind, our feelings and emotions, our health, our career, our relationships, and our happiness, when it is all coming from the same source. Our ability to transmute the bad things we have seen, experienced, or heard is our ability to survive over other beings. If we are not able to get up after a hard fall, then we are received by the Earth. On a deeper level, this means that we have to be able to extract the beauty, goodness, and blessings out of the worst of situations, seeing the God in every manifestation that crosses our path. This is the ultimate freedom of BEing. It comes from having been able to see the hindsight of past traumas and realizing that things fall into place when we allow them to. For each of us, this insight can happen in one moment, or within a lifetime. It is up to each of us to realize for ourselves. The more heart break we experience, the more we cultivate compassion. The alchemy is when the deep pains can become the greatest blessings. This is the full integration of the Self. It is the breaking free of the old stories, paradigms, and tapes that used to hold us back. The limitations of an old group belief system of pain and suffering is set free to become a creative opportunity.

Life is a journey. It was and never will be about any destination, because once you get to one milestone, there are a thousand others coming. We are not here as a HUman-Race to make it to the end first. No one really wants life to be over, so why are we racing to the finish line? The meaning of life comes in the journey and the people and situations we get to experience in every moment. One day is filled with so many creative energies to extract. We are not here to waist our lives living the dreams of someone or something outside of ourselves. This is a blessing of an opportunity to birth an authentic and joyful experience. We just have to create a bigger perception of what is possible in any given moment. Find the blessings in what you used to see as a curse to your life. Extract the beauty in the most ugly of times. This is Divine alchemy. God - Love, Wisdom, and Truth - is permeating everything we experience on Earth. Everything is saturated in God force. Restore the harmonious flow in your life and all aspects of BEing by developing a Divine Mind. This may not be the easiest thing to do at first, but the rewards of a happy and healthy life opens us to the ability to change. Be here now... in the gift of the present moment... receiving whatever blessing you are experiencing. Breathe it in and live it deeply and intentionally. If we don't start living now, then begin!

HAPPY NEW MOON! Let the blessings pour in!

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