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Joshua's Corner: Choose Wisely...

Speaking truth in times of confusion.

Left alone to draw our own conclusion.

Pretending men fall down,

so courageous women can rise up.

What, I am speaking too much?

Get out of the dark age as the Light draws nearer,

get the junk out so the road becomes clearer.

Moving forward... choose oneness, peace and respect.

Believe me, the end of the road is simply life's retrospect.

How do you wish to look back on your life?

Did you come across unresolved strife?

The time is now to forgive and let live,

to be a kind person and kindly give.

Billions of realities existing simultaneously,

can you explain that to a me?

So then, we must transmute any perceived negativity into a fountain of gratitude and unconditional love. For in the end, we are only held responsible unto our soul for the actions we made or refused to make.

Choose wisely, the Sages say, you are responsible to live and love your own way.

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