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Joshua's Corner: Course Correction...

In life you may be heading in one direction, then seemingly "out of nowhere" a catalyst for a deep change is thrusted upon you. This is a change that is beyond clothes, phones and hair styles. This type of invisible change requires deep soul searching and exploration. What is it that truly motivates you to get out of bed? What is the next "best" step, without preconceived notions or expectations? Where do you go when it feels like all roads are blocked? You go inside! To really go deep within ourselves is to heal on levels not even qualified by modern science... yet. The true gift of loving self-reflection and life assessment are keys to a healthy transition in moving forward. When we ask our inner voice for guidance we must trust the answer we receive. The mind will give a shadow of a doubt, while the heart is cheering you on! Listen to your inner guidance - your heart voice. Trust in the process. If "it" was not meant to be, "it" will be taken away, allowing us to move forward with more strength, clarity, and maturity. So, with your favorite upbeat music, move forward in this sticky time of life with a smile and positive actions to get "unstuck" from a temporary illusion.  

Keep smiling.  

Be real. 

Speak your heart.  

Let your intuition guide you.

Keep your chin up friends!



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