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Joshua's Corner: Our Time...

Wether you realize it or not the most important commodity on earth is time.

We are taught to think that money or power is the ultimate goal.

We are shown ways to impress the world.

We are given tools to manipulate it.

We are taught for better or worse these skills and more.

The question is, what does one do with power and money?

How has this power helped someone else?

Where does the money end up when your cup is overflowing?

Are you getting the idea?

The things we acquire throughout a lifetime need only be that which enhances our life, and to truly enhance the lives of others.

Our mind, our morals and our character all mash together in the dance of experience.

When you are out there in the world remember that the best thing to be is authentically you, and the best thing to do is follow your heart.

Be well,


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