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Joshua's Corner: Together We Rise...

Nine months in the womb,

Cooked to perfection.

An entire lifetime to bloom,

Toward the Light for direction.

The rainbow inside,

In harmony and flow.

Spinning chakras coincide,

As above, so is below.

Frequency always in tune,

With the vibrations I release.

On this powerful New Moon,

Blessings and gifts increase.

As I put out the Love,

I receive so much more.

Answered prayers from above,

Always opening a new door.

The rainbow now begins,

A new journey is in sight.

The energy wheel spins,

The start of a story to write.

Each color radiates in brilliance,

Shining with glory and delight.

With intentions of resilience,

Healing makes it all so bright.

As long as I am the gold pot,

That the rainbow leads me to.

I have a wonderful shot,

Of living my dream life too.

Because to master my life,

And avoid all the strife,

I need to follow my bliss,

With Love as my premiss.

I will be guided,

And always excited,

As the Light provides,

What lives deep inside.

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