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Life After Death...

It happens so fast and then it is over,

Truth shifts the space to stone cold sober.

Great loss, life changes, and the very end,

Stretching the soul - it can no longer bend.

The Earth experiences are intensifying,

The daily death toll has been multiplying.

Praying and visualizing, seeing the best,

The darkness has a Light inside to digest.

Liberation, freedom, letting it all go,

A life filled with lessons we need to know,

As painful as they are, they help us grow.

Up and out of this Dark Age of Kali Yuga,

Meditating and breathing like the Buddha.

Acknowledging life's pains and suffering,

Employing behaviors toward restructuring.

Whether the changes are forced upon us,

Or they become a topic to discuss,

We have to take action and then trust.

There are various unwanted behaviors,

The lesson is to stop blaming the neighbors.

If we see it then it lives inside,