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Living The Vision...

Goodness rises in every life cycle,

The Light of joy makes a grand revival.

The ups and downs, the tests and trials,

A journey walked in thousands of miles.

Strength and courage in every lesson,

Going in deeper than a past life regression.

Round and round the wheels of change,

Self Love and respect always maintained.

True to self with visions in sight,

Letting the heart guide and feeling Light.

Taking a moment to breathe and relax,

False beliefs lose power and collapse.

Thank you Universe for your guidance,

Mind and soul form a cosmic alliance.

Wisdom & knowledge lead the movement,

Understanding enhances self-improvement.

The ultimate freedom manifests from Love,

Each of us learning and growing out of...

This powerful guidance toward destiny,

Learning how to live more flexibly.

As one, we share this common mind,

Each of us a special one of a kind.

Infinite ideas, possibilities, and visions,

Making the best and highest decisions.

The end reveals the entire story,

Now ready to explore new territory.

Moving ahead comes a new perspective,

Open to help the hearts of the collective.

The goals and dreams are alive and open,

This is the life mission the soul has chosen.

What's important becomes more clear,

Low vibes transmute and disappear.

Time allows for truth to be revealed,

Seeing now what was once concealed.

Without giving up or losing faith,

No longer trying to escape.

The bottom line is choosing Love over all,

No matter if the challenge is big or small.

It has led us here, to this dream so true,

We can hold it in our hearts and live it too.

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