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Mantra of the Month

Sat Narayan Wahe Guru Hari Narayan Sat Nam

The Mantra & Meaning:

Sat Narayan: True Sustainer

Wahe Guru: Highest Bringer of Light

Hari Narayan: Creative Sustenance

Sat Nam: Truth is His/Her Name

What sustains us in life? Air, water, Love, and light. Water, however, is considered the "Hand of God". When we hold clear waters in our emotions, physical body, and energetics, then we have flow in our lives. The True Sustainer is Narayan, or the Creator we recognize and acknowledge in the waters. It flows through our bodies, our unseen energies, and all over the Earth itself. Water is a cleanser, purifier, protector, and healer. When we chant this prayer to the Divine, we are activating the qualities of the Highest Light in our lives and clearing out what is not serving the greatest and highest good. This mantra can be used for protection during an earthquake or other natural danger, as well as for clearing the mind after overcoming addictions to drugs or alcohol. When seeking a more clear and honest reflection of Truth and inner peace, turn to Sat Narayan as your mantra medicine. It will help to activate the parasympathetic response of calming and relaxing you into a greater sense of ease.

Sit with a long spine, eyes closed and focused at the 3rd eye, and smile on your face. Chant Sat Narayan for 3 minutes, 7 minutes, or 11 minutes daily for 40 - 120 days by vibrating along to a track and resonating the words into the upper mask area. Journal how it makes you feel and any shifts or changes you notice. Enjoy the healing journey and put your heart into it. The more present and passionate you are with it, the more you will feel it supporting you on all levels.


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