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Monthly Numerology: 10th Month of the Year...

October is the 10th month of the year, and 10 offers the Light of the Sun and the fluidity of change through the "Wheel of Fortune". This month, we will be challenged by the spotlight. What is it shining on and how are we going to create positive change in order to break the negative cycles that are calling out for our healing? If we choose not to address the elephant in the room, then we get to cycle around the wheel another time without evolving. Stagnation is the water that feeds lack. When we don't change and evolve over time, then we miss the spiritual and emotional growth that wants to manifest for our highest good. With the ups and downs that life offers, the most important thing that we have to do is to be flexible and change with the times. When we feel the lowest, we can understand that there is nowhere else to go but upward. Without forcing anything, we will always know when it is the right time to shift in a new direction. This month, focus on healing the areas that need Light. Don't force change, but be open to it. Keep the heart at peace with the will power to create, and hold healthy boundaries, while living in Truth, Compassion, and Integrity. Above all, never lose Hope. There is always a new beginning around the corner.


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