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Poem of the Week: Cutting Out The Fight...

Lunar Eclipse and the Full Moon too,

Guiding the spirit on what is best to do.

A time of cutting, releasing, and letting go,

Secrets revealed and new Truths to know.

Election hour in a fractioned nation,

Choices to divide or to bring salvation.

One human family and one sacred Earth,

On a turning point from which a new reality can birth.

Letting go of all the destructive energy,

That birthed out of a painful past or memory.

Making a choice to see the very best,

When our human family is being put to the test.

Taking a step toward Faith in what's good,

Not judging or speaking on what others "should".

Staying in the lane of self care on all levels,

Rising out of the muck like a lotus opening petals.

In each of us is a Light so pure and so good,

Whatever side of the coin - the other is misunderstood.

Listen to what is really being said,

We need more Love and a lot less dread.

It starts with one and becomes us all,

A family that can rise instead of needing to fall.

Take time to contemplate your part in this puzzle,

And instead of causing division, put on a Love muzzle.

Meditate on togetherness and sing songs of Love,

Because that is all that's real when push comes to shove.


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