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Poem of the Week: Memories Walking Me Forward...

I can remember when time didn't exist,

Or the day when I had my very first kiss.

I remember learning how to be a human,

And wanting to solve the issue of pollution.

I remember the day I met my spouse,

And the day I signed the deed to my house.

All of the pets that I Loved with my heart,

Defining moments when I chose to "restart".

Jumping out of a plane in the sky,

The day that breath work got me high.

The first time I ever played the drums,

Singing in a band with all of my chums.

As I look back at the wonderful times,

These life moments have provided my rhymes.

They supply me with energy to fuel my fire,

Motivating me to rise higher and higher.

To be my best, continuing to learn and grow,

Through every test, no matter how fast or slow.

Memories motivate me to move forward,

With life experiences as my constant reward.

Grateful for each and every day,

The blessing that always shows me the way.

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