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Poem of the Week: Sayin' It, Feelin' It, Livin' It...

We say how we feel and wait to see,

If there is a deeper discussion to be had.

To be accepted is to be free,

Everyone has their truth to add.

When you talk to people who judge,

And can only see that they are right.

Arguing may lead to a grudge,

That could start a never-ending fight.

So many beings living together,

In this beautiful alchemy of life.

We can learn to have peace forever,

Or use the mind and words to divide.

At the end of the day, we each can act,

In ways that show compassion or hatred.

Karma will always have ways to attract,

The energies each of us have created.

So be real, be Love, and be the peace,

That this world needs oh so badly.

It is time for the healing to increase,

And co-existence to manifest gladly.

Through authentic talks and connections,

We will find our way back.

Time will show in our reflections,

That Love will keep us on track.

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