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Poem of the Week: The Solar Light Illuminates...

Light travels much faster than sound,

But the darkness is still waiting around.

Much like the angels we get to call in,

Lower frequencies are there when we begin.

All life comes from the darkness and void,

Free will is what we need to employ.

Then the Light will have a seat at the table,

A choice that manifests a feeling so stable.

Having the power to direct the vibration,

Making goodness the center of creation.

Intentions growing out of Light and Love,

Choosing to look up at the stars above.

No matter what challenge presents itself now,

We can rise, flow, and simply allow.

When we have learned and are ready to move forward,

We will receive what the doctor has ordered.

A life that mirrors the Love in our hearts,

The beauty and grace that grows off the charts.

Illuminating the brilliance of our choices,

Where Loving actions have big voices.

Shining and rising higher and higher,

Much greater than the muck and the mire.

At the end of the day we create our bliss,

Choosing the Light when the energy resists.

It takes a will power filled with hope and faith,

To imagine a dream life and then to create.

We are the Light, we just have to remember,

Life is amazing when we choose to surrender.

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