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Poem of the Week: When Opportunity Knocks...

Each of our realities present to us,

Experiences of both challenges and gifts.

Good or bad, there is much to discuss,

How spiritual eyes envision this shift.

There are opportunities open right now,

When we have the eyes to see.

Resistance can be a tool to allow,

Us to choose to live more carefree.

With clarity and a dream to live for,

Absolutely anything can be accomplished.

Goals feel more effortless than before.

And doors open in ways that astonish.

The key is to hear the opportunity knock,

Without brushing off greatness with fear.

Thinking or seeing the worst can block,

Magic that comes when we persevere.

To manifest the life of our dreams,

We have to set the mind for success.

Opportunities grow away from extremes,

But with self-Love, they come to express.

Go for the gold and never give up,

For this incarnation is endless in gifts.

Forget about the ruthless and corrupt,

Life presents great moments to shift.

You are meant to live a life so tremendous,

With beauty and grace so Divine,

Opportunities continue to be endless,

So be YOU and don't be afraid to Shine!

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