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Reinventing The Ritual...

Happy Full Moon Week! We have found ourselves celebrating the first Full Moon of the year - the Wolf Moon, or Great Spirit Moon. There are actually many names for this moon time because it is the winter and a time of cold darkness. The wolves would howl at night to protect their pack, and people would pray for strength to endure the conditions. Both two and four-legged animals have traditionally done a lot of ritual during this time to get through the challenges of hunger and frost. It is also the Universal Saturn Period and a time of year for reflection, introspection, and deep contemplation of the past year. This is a time to look back at the year and identify what is still not settled, at peace, or in harmony, and create a new plan that restores balance on all levels. Find clever and unique ways to breathe new life into the daily rituals and patterns that you have created. Reinvent your sacredness, find a new path, take a new journey, create with discipline and Love, and manifest true freedom with harmony and focus. By clearing these energies inside, the road is being paved for a powerful journey ahead.

This is the 5th week of the year and the number five is symbolically connected to the planetary vibration of Mercury. Mercury rules over the mind, communication, and technology, as we have discussed when looking at this entire year (2021=5). On top of it being a Mercury year and a Mercury week, Mercury is going retrograde on the 30th. This is yet another wonderful reason to reflect on where we have come from in order to create the future of our dreams. Retrograde planets help us revisit what has not been completed, which can manifest as a conversation, project, or relationship that needs closure, among many other scenarios. Be open to resolution, closure, and completion, and take excellent care of the Self. This week, our challenges manifest when we have neglected the practice of neutralizing the mind. This is why it is so important to upgrade the daily rituals to include regular meditation time, if it is not in place now. Whatever the form of meditation you choose, slow down the breath, and take time daily to observe the mind from a higher view. The mind is a vehicle for magical creation. It is directly "inspired" by the breath of the Divine, therefore, it is a wonderful guide toward the destiny path when it is illuminating in neutrality and Love. It can also be a wonderful guide to the fate path when it has control of itself. Unify the relationship between the soul and the physical - in other words, Spiritualize Matter. The number five is related to the five-pointed star when the apex is pointing up. This represents the triangle (top) over the square (the bottom four legs connected) - which is the alchemy of putting spirit over matter. Where are there areas in life that could be more spiritualized, awakened, and conscious? Is it with food, career, relationship....? Are there addiction issues that have uprooted from this pandemic, has there been great loss, or is there overwhelming fear of the future? Love is how we can approach any dis-harmony that has manifested temporarily as a lesson. Nothing is forever, and true freedom comes in our honesty with the Self and willingness to heal and let go. Enjoy this Full Moon week of deep inner healing, and know that the work you choose to do for yourself has a lasting and powerful effect on the whole. Your life is interconnected to all life. Live it with joy, fearlessness, and freedom!


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