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Scorpio New Moon Creations

A New Moon in this Universal Jupiter Period means it is time to expand into a greater vision and manifest the prayers held inside once and for all. This has been a challenging time for so many, and we are getting ready to break out of ay pain and suffering in order to align with our greatest and highest good. This New Moon is in Scorpio, which means that our passions are ignited and driving us toward our destiny. Emotions are running high, but when harnessed, they hold the power to make alchemical shifts and changes. There is a lot of power at our finger tips, but we have to go inward to access it. The deeper we allow ourselves to go, the higher we will rise. Both Scorpio and the Moon reflect our emotional health. This is a great week to start anew and choose fearless, positive change. When we are in the flow, like water, we allow the rising and the falling of our natural energetic vibration. Not being attached, we are able to liberate ourselves from heavy emotions and channel them into newer, healthier projects, relationships, or ways of being. Scorpio is talked about being a "fixed" planet, so control can come up on this New Moon. Sometimes the things we seek to control end up controlling us. As we know, control is a nice concept, but it is not reality.

Think of the New Moon like the Sunrise, it presents a brand new day and coming into the Light. This is an intuitive time, so whatever you have been inspired by, dreamt about, or have envisioned can be created. When we have an idea, it means we have everything we need inside of us to initiate it. Turn away from fears, and move toward what is most Loved and cherished. We have this amazing life to create each and every day, get excited and listen to the heart, there is a transformative gift unfolding in the present moment.

See it. Believe it. Create it.

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