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Seed Sound For December: "ONG RA MA ONG"

"Ong Ra Ma Ong" is the seed sound for the month of December.  This seed sound can be chanted any time of year, and during this month, it serves to support the alignment of the energies of December.

"Ong Ra Ma Ong" is a vibration that magnifies protection in one's energy field.  "Ong" supports letting go of duality in order to truly let go of fear so we can live in deeper states of Love.  "Ra" harmonizes the Divine Masculine, fire element.  "Ma" harmonizes the Divine Feminine, water element.  Together, these tones help to manifest harmony on all levels.  When our dualistic nature of Yin and Yang dance together harmoniously while being wrapped in the Love of unity consciousness, the higher self will have true victory over the lower self.  Chant "Ong Ra M