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Seed Sound For January: "ONG"

"Ong" is the seed sound for the month of January.  This seed sound can be chanted any time of year, and during this month, it serves to support the alignment of the energies of January.

"Ong" is the return to the Divine within.  It is the direct link to the origin of creation - the cosmic frequency of oneness.  By resonating with the vibration of eternal Love, one can merge with the Divine and remove any fear that prevents one from living the heart's expression of one's destiny.  For the physical body, "Ong" stimulates the Pituitary and Pineal Glands that support harmony of the entire glandular system.  These are also the higher glands that connect the physical to the higher realms of being.  Chant "Ong" and plug into the Universe, to Unconditional Love, and to your highest self.

   When you chant the Seed Sounds, make sure to use a complete breath and pull root lock by squeezing the rectum and drawing the navel in toward the spine as you chant.  Chant the Seed Sound 3, 7, or 11 times daily.  Please drink plenty of water and do not overdo it.  Seed Sounds are very powerful and potent and are a form of vibrational healing for the mind-body-spirit.

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