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Seed Sound of the Month: December 2021

"Ong Ra Ma Ong" is the Seed Sound for the month of December and the protective harmonizer that grounds the end of the year energies in order to support expansion and completion. Ong is the Universal sound for oneness, Ra invokes the Divine masculine yang energy, Ma invokes the Divine feminine yin energy, and Ong wraps it all back together into oneness. Together, we are vibrating a very powerful sequence of sounds to magnify balance and protection.

When you chant the Seed Sounds, make sure to use a complete breath and pull root lock by squeezing the rectum and drawing the navel in toward the spine as you chant. Chant the Seed Sound 3, 7, or 11 times daily. Please drink plenty of water and do not overdo it. Seed Sounds are very powerful and potent and are a form of vibrational healing for the mind-body-spirit.

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