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Seed Sound of the Month of June: Ehm...

"Ehm" is the Seed Sound for the month of June and is the vibration of Love. When we chant "Ehm" we open the door to the heart for Love, health, and happiness.

The heart is the "Cathedral of Lights" within our being. When we are looking for our highest self, the road map always leads us to the heart. When you chant "Ehm", it automatically attunes you to the heart space and brings you into this City of Lights. When you desire a Light to find your way through darkness, chant "Ehm" to heal a broken heart, come back to the self, and dwell in Love. This seed sound can also help mend a physical heart condition or imbalance as well. When the heart is healthy, our spiritual vessel of wellness is stabilized and everything else can fall into place.

When you chant the Seed Sounds, make sure to use a complete breath and pull root lock by squeezing the rectum and drawing the navel in toward the spine as you chant. Chant the Seed Sound 3, 7, or 11 times daily. Please drink plenty of water and do not overdo it. Seed Sounds are very powerful and potent and are a form of vibrational healing for the mind-body-spirit.

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